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Super Smart Voice Mail Systems

Hello, Dustin, I love my web sites! Man, what a great tool this is going to be for my real estate investing business.
Jim Greene
More Testimonials
Super Smart Customer Testimonials
Hi Mike,

I really enjoyed your webinar this week and learned so much!

Johnson F.


I came a bit late, but I really liked what I heard, very good stuff, many eye openers, thank you.

Jon Z


I enjoy all the information your provide one the SuperSmart Power Hour and appreciate your dedication and hard work!

Kevin Van Wormer


Thanks for all the help…very much appreciated!

I admire your ability, knowledge and determination to be the best at what you do!!! You’re a great mentor and you had a vision when no one else believed you that the internet would be what it is today…very few people have the gift and the tenacity to see what the possibilities are with their own future…let alone the future as big as something like the internet!

Talk with you soon!

I've been using the Super Smart Website for several years... I can't imagine running my business with it! This system really me the ability to keep up with my business no matter what city I happen to be in at the time. I simply can't imagine life without it!

Great job guys!
Matt Wells

Hi Dustin,

I have used your websites for the last 4 years and love them!

Sheresa Pompay

Mike I want to take this opportunity to thank you. Mike Thank You very much. I was about to retire and just go away. But your new Super Smart VIP Program has breathed new life into me. I now feel that I should re group and re-launch my Foreclosure Intervention Group. I should open FIG branches nation wide. I feel I owe you a great deal.

Frank A.

Hey Dustin:

We just closed on another one of your back office referral leads! This one was 400 Miles away from us. We closed with seller and buyer for a $30,000 margin. I'm loving this market - and you web sites sure help! Keep up the good work!

Thomas Bartke

Hi Dustin:

I just wanted to give you a big Thank You! for all the seller leads that are constantly coming down the pipeline from your referrals into our back office!

We just closed on re-selling a property in Ventura County (CA) that we bought in February from a referred seller lead. The net gain from that single deal (roughly $40,000) paid for all costs we'll ever have for getting the web site and forever hosting it - many times over.

Thanks a bunch!

Thomas Bartke


Thank You so much for taking the time on a SUNDAY afternoon to help me with understanding my website a bit better. That fact that you took a considerable amount of time on a Sunday no less, shows not only a commitment to your company, but a tremendous amount of caring to support the clients who have purchased their programs and want to take their businesses to the next level. You are very knowledgeable and I know you must be very patient considering all of my questions. Thanks again,

Cheryl Miller

Hi Dustin,

My name is Keith H. and I am Corey T.'s partner with Picket Fence Properties in Virginia. I wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I am extremely happy with your website. Since Corey and I merged companies in April of last year we have merged several systems to include web site support. I used to use Investor Pro and then Kris Kirschners Auto Pilot sites; however, nothing I've seen so far comes close to Super Smart. We have been growing ever since our merge, largely in part to the web support and management tools you have created. Just this past week Corey and I personally gave 3 people personal tours through our back office showing them how your sites will change their business. Of course, the purpose was to help these other investors and let them know to buy your sites. This was at Ron Legrands business management Boot camp this past week in Atlanta.

We are starting to use the wholesale site more and see tremendous potential. Please pipe in with your experience and let us know how we can be more effective. Also, feel free to look into our lead flow and activity and give me your insight.
Keith H. 168

Hi Dustin, I've doubled my real estate biz with your websites since last May. It's been so busy that I really never got my Auto Profits going . Now I need to try to start putting things on Auto Profit. Could you somehow show me an example of a real deal that has no equity that you bought on sub-to or lease-purchase and which settings you used?
Mike H. 167

Dustin, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your SuperSmart company. Your professionalism shines through at all times, and the customer service we receive is always outstanding. Your company has consistently OVER delivered on everything. Thank you so much for being there for us when we were first starting in the preforeclosure industry. I cannot imagine working in this industry without the benefits of your system. We had other websites before yours - there is no comparison.

To Your Success!
Mandy Montoya


B-E-A utiful as Jim Carey would say, on the recent developments. It's fantastic - when I get the Administrative Deviations, Planned Unit Developments, and general hair-pulling out of the way - I'm gonna check each and every feature out. Nice job on the slick looking interface too!

Dan Linton


Just LOVE your websites! There is nothing else on the planet like them! Every day you are adding new features -- it's like Christmas! They make doing my real estate business so easy, it's unbelievable! I am so glad I found you. I will NEVER go anywhere else! And the support your staff provides is phenomenal -- I recently called the Tech Support phone number and got answers for my on-line problem within minutes. It was great!

However, without a doubt, the very best addition you have made recently is Mike Barnes! He is so knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and pleasant to deal with. We know you are very busy with the constantly improving the technical side of things. Mike is the bridge needed to the user/customer that makes using your sites so incredibly easy! When I recently signed up for the new voice mail feature, Mike walked me through every step of the sign-up process with total patience and courtesy. He is truly amazing! Keep him whatever you do! Thank you, Mike, for all you do to assist us!

A loyal Super Smart customer forever!

Sandy S.


Too bad that you did not open the call up for questions tonight…I have these sites, paid about twice what your offer was and still feel like I got a good deal!!! These sites are amazing…I also closed a deal that was a referral from Dustin that made me about $20,000. Let me know if you have any kind of coaching on how to use the sites more effectively.
Scott Brown 163

Hi Guys,

I currently recieve the "We Buy Houses" leads from you guys here in Michigan where I live and I thank you for those leads, some of them are really good leads. I was even able to find the perfect house for my wife and daughters, the one that they really liked and wanted from one of those leads, THANKS!!!

To Your Success,

Gabriel Lima
The Lima Group, Inc.

Aloha Dustin,

Thanks for your website, I am able to continue my business while I am bathing in the sun in Hawaii.

For PATLive, I have referred several people to you last 2 weeks. I hope they are serious to set it up. If you have anyone who needs testimonial, please have them call me. I am the best example. I had PATLive with Ron LeGrand, then I set it up with VC because of Jeff Kaller's student (thanks to him, I hooked up with you.) Now, I am back with PATLive and very happy. I cannot thank you enough to hook up with the best PATLive and the rate is incredible.


I also transferred from Joker and Directnic and ordered more domains (probably over 25+) through The technical people I worked with 24/7 are superb.

Thank you for all your help. Aloha!

Mike, Just a note to tell you that we are extremely happy with SSWP. The customer support is the absolute best in the industry, and you always seem to explain things in a way that all our questions get answered the first time. When we submit a ticket online, our questions are typically answered within the hour! That is unheard of! Anyway, thank you. We will be referring your service to fellow investors immediately!
Sam Levitz 160

I met Dustin Griffin nearly two years ago at an unnamed Real Estate Guru's Boot Camp. I joined a coaching program and received a "Save" and "Buy" site provided by Dustin Griffin of The site functioned beautifully and I was very excited to have such a good tool with which to run my real estate business. Then my Guru decided to design his own website and charge his students several thousand dollars for it. To stay in the program, you had to have his website. Well, things have just not panned out the way they were supposed to. I kept thinking about how good Dustin's site was, and how quickly and professionally the support team had responded to any problems I had. So, after a lot of dollars have flowed under the bridge, I decided it was time to go back home to Dustin and beg for mercy, to have my sites back. No doubt, Dustin Griffin has the best product available to the real estate investor, big time or just beginning. Trust me, I know; I've seen the other side, and the grass is not greener. Moral of the story: If you're not with Dustin, you should be; if you are with Dustin, STAY PUT!
Jack Goodlet 159

To All The Folks at Super Smart Web Profits,

I want to acknowledge all the effort the Super Smart Web Profits Team have expended in creating what is the finest web-based wealth generation contact management machine to date.

First let me tell you that I am as far from "technical, techie, I'll e-mail you, text message, IM ya" kind of guy. Give me a phone, pen and paper and cash any day of the week, but unfortunately it's not 1965. I've come to accept, albeit grudgingly, that I have to start doing things differently.

So as a full time investor of about eight years I've got web-sites and voice mail systems, cell phones etc. Ehh! Big Deal! But it is part and parcel of being a true professional in any business but so much more in a business where leverage in all areas is the rule.

My transition to 21st century technology in my business has been made relatively painless through the expert assistance of Mike Barnes and the wonderful products produced by Super Smart Web Profits. I know that these are the best because this was what I started with, before I strayed to another site promoted by one of the RE Gurus. Let me tell you, if you want creative real estate training that's where you want to go, but don't go there for web technology. I went in that direction because of promises of compatibility with documents and services that ultimately couldn't offset the huge disadvantage they had in functionality and pure power in terms of use that Dustin's creations provide.

For the very best Creative Real Estate Web Sites you Must have Super Smart Web Technology.


David D Fisher
D & D Land Sales
Allentown, PA

Hi Dustin - I can't believe that I've had all the features of the back office available to me since day 1 and that I haven't really used it. Now, since I had a few conversations with Mike, I'm getting/putting all my Buy/Sell leads there and especially with the new auto reply add-on, it's made my life not only much better, but it's improving my efficiency and potentially upping my deal rate as well! It's given me new energy and I love it! (Also as an aside, I quit (Competitor Name Removed due to Complaint from Pres) the minute I discovered they were not forwarding info to my site any longer. Also, they didn't do a very good job to begin with. I kept my lines and have to wait a month before I can transfer them over to you, which I plan to do).

Now, I'm thinking, why not make this back office the total center of my business? It now lets me keep all contact and deal info for the buyers/sellers as well as the communication log, which is fantastic. But in my search for leads I am having to keep in contact with realtors, mortgage brokers and attorneys all over the country. To keep those records right now I have to go to xls sheets and such, use auto-responders from the like of, and in reality don't always keep up with it properly If we could add the ability to track those contacts on our sites, with the use of our auto-reply feature, it would be fantastic. We'd be able to literally run our ENTIRE business on the site controlling everything from marketing to closing. Can we do this? (YES, WE CAN AND WILL DO SO SOON! DUSTIN)

Long Live SuperSmart! Hurrah! :-)

Thanks. Bruce

Dustin, I LOVE the auto fill feature! Thank you!
Sam L. 156


I just wanted other people to know that you provide a REAL Money Making Tool! Before I got your Buy/Sell websites , in May,I was only buying 3-4 properties a year. Now, I do that easily in a week! They let me enjoy more time "Helping People" by replacing the time it took "Finding People". I'm so glad I saw you at our monthly investors meeting. Keep up the Great Work and constant updates!

Mike Haynes member of C.A.R.E.I.
Louisville, Colorado

Dustin, I agree with you 100% on PATLive. I have been using them for 4 years and you cannot beat their live answer. I tried (Competitor Name Removed due to Complaint from President) live and tested last year...Terrible!
Todd M. 154

Dustin, thanks you! That is such an awesome feature (My Audios)!!! Just got off the phone with a potential lender last night and sent him to my web site. You ROCK!
Sam L. 153

Hi Mike - I'm moving all my business practice to the websites and am excited about all the tools I never realized I had and how much easier and more efficient it is to actually use them!
Bruce F. 152

Dustin, I really like the updates and I appreciate all that you and your company do to keep us on the cutting edge. The decision to invest in your websites was and still is a great decision. Thanks
Don Staley 151

Super smart is a must have for any investor. I'm 110% satisfied with all my web sites and with everyone in their staff. They are always here to help you with all of you needs in a timely matter.I would highly recommend their services to everyone. Thank so much for all that you do.

Brendan Peeper
Central Florida!

Just want to thank the team of SuperSmartWebProfits for all the help they have given me and they certainly are a CLASS ACT!

Kevin VanWormer
Lowell, Maine

Thanks so much for working with me on my websites... Mike has been extremely a BIG help. I appreciate his time and patience and SuperSmartWebProfits superb customer service. Thanks Again, you guys are AWESOME!

Randall Andersen
South Florida

We have been using the SuperSmart Web sites for buying, selling, and investing for about 1 year now. They continue to add daily benefits to our business. So far this year, with the help of Dustin's superior technology, we have ramped our business from about 3 houses per year to about 1 per month. I have more than 250 potential buyers in our buyer's list, and receive 2 to 3 potential sellers a week on the sellers web site in response to a modest amount of advertising.

In addition, one couldn't ask for better support. Dustin continually is adding new and improved features to the site, and is very quick to add improvements to suggested feature requests. Recently, he added 2 features that we suggested within 24 hours of the suggestion. That's fast turnaround!!

Its obvious that the designers of the applications are full time real estate investors themselves as well as being good technicians.In short, I would highly recommend the SuperSmart web sites to anyone that wants to increase their business volume and present a professional appearance to the outside world.

George Stevenson
PCI Properties
Raleigh, NC

Thank you guys so much for keeping on me to get this done. I am still amazed at all the great stuff your websites provide. I have been playing and checking out stuff for a couple of hours now. You know whats really cool? I went in to put in what I thought would be my first lead and I found 5 other leads that were already in there sent to me from you. THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anne Marie
New York City


I want to thank you for the website! I think you have a lot of great tools and outstanding support! I know that your website is an ever evolving and changing environment. That is so it will remain the number one investor's website. Thanks again for the outstanding site!

Steve Hall

I just wanted you to know how impressed I've been these past several years with my SuperSmart web sites. I've never seen any other site that offers as much as yours do, and I congratulate you and your staff for continuing to improve it by adding so many valuable features and resources. My web sites have allowed me to be much more organized by having so many valuable tools at my fingertips, making my business as efficient as possible and saving valuable time. The few times I've needed support I've only received timely and courteous responses to any request I've had. You folks truly do a great job, and I highly recommend SuperSmart web sites to anyone looking for a comprehensive, professional looking site for the serious real estate investor, backed by outstanding customer service. Thank you again!
Cordell McDonald 144

Thank you Dustin, we are a huge fan of your services and looking to boost our advertising immediately to get the websites full of leads to work with. Totally awesome!
Sam L. 143

Hi Dustin and Chrissy - Hope you are both well and prospering. I send continual thanks to you both for the wonderful job you are doing and for your generosity! Thanks always for all your great support. Be talking with you!
Bruce F. 142

Dear Dustin and all others involved,

I am the owner of several expensive web-based real estate sites and packages all of which promised results and courteous support. They said they were the best and no other website has what they do. They did not have it either! But Super Smart Websites does deliver what you said it would and gives prompt, courteous, professional support also. It is amazing that you give so much and integrate it so well. You listen to your clients input and respond. You keep Super Smart Websites up to date with technology and the real estate market.

I don't know how you do it and I am happy you do!

With Gratitude and Appreciation,

Ronald Copelan

P.S. You would have had this letter of thanks earlier, but I had a few technical challenges. I am better now, Thanks to Mike Barnes.

Dustin, the list of outstanding features that Super Smart Web Profits provides to support a real estate business is long, but here are a few of the important ones to us:

Overall, everything is very simple to use. Using the Super Smart Web Profit Web sites is very much like peeling an onion. You're always discovering new capabilities you didn't know existed or hadn't had use for yet.

Developing and Administering
  • Highly intuitive user interface.
  • Color-coded tabs always show users which Web site they're working on.
  • Fast, simple and elegant to put up new properties (both text and pictures)
  • Lead management provides extensive historical tracking information and an easy-to-use following-up system.
Public Presentation
  • Clean, appealing, easy to understand and informative.
  • Lots of ways to keep the Web sites "fresh" to keep bringing prospects back.
  • Can designate a property (or properties) as "Featured Homes"
  • You can change the order in which properties are presented to match any special marketing programs or simply create more interest by changing things around.
  • There are a number of different kinds of information a visitor can get on the Web site.
Keep up the great work.

Al and Barbara Avery

We would like to express a big Thank You to Mike Barnes for giving us such a great demo of the Super Smart Websites! We really appreciated the prompt call back and time spent with us to answer all of our questions, especially considering that he was recovering from some serious business travel. It quickly became clear the kind of effort that was put into adding features and leveraging new technology to keep these sites cutting edge. The built-in functionality is impressive and makes managing leads and analyzing deals quite easy. Did we say that the support staff is great! It is obvious that the Super Smart sites will continue to be a Gold Standard for real estate investing websites.
A&D Property Investors, LLC 139

Dear Dustin, I would like to start by saying " Thank you" for all the help in getting me statred in a business that I enjoy. I can't imagine any one needing any more support or services than what you and your web site supply. As a new investor I have not yet been able to use the full potential of your web site, but will be doing that shortly. I wanted to let you know that I am a loyal customer and have no need to look for any other services, due to the fact that your services are so complete. Thank you for all the helpful leads you send me, I just turned one into CASH. Keep up the good work. Thank you!
William C. Smith 138

I have been a client for several years and I have been impressed with the constant updating and new features and customer satisfaction and sophistication of your systems. I cannot imagine changing and finding any sites that would offer any better features and support for a real estate investor. Thank you.
Don Johnson 137

We have used our Super Smart Websites for about 15 months now. We started Real Estate Investing about 18 months ago. We learned about Super Smart by accident at a nouveau riche meeting and followed up on it after going to one of Kris Kirshnerks Auto Pilot Seminars. We can truly tell you that working with Super Smart Websites is essential to our business, while I don't believe we use anything any more that Kris Kirschner stuff taught us. We specialize in Short Sales in the Denver market and are now averaging 2-3 closed deals a month. We couldn't keep track of our business without our Super Smart Back Office. The hardest thing about using the Super Smart Website is learning how to take advantage of everything it has. We are so busy it is unbelievable! They keep adding new features faster than we can become proficient at using them! Thanks so much to you guys! It is obvious that because you actually BUY and Sell Houses you are constantly developing a system that actually helps the investor. So much of what we got from Auto Pilot systems didn't work for us that we came to the conclusion that Kris and his company's focus is selling home study systems not investing in real estate.
Warner Kingsbury 136

Dustin, my SuperSmart web sites are the best. I'm staying with SuperSmart because of your company's professionalism and dedication to delivering the most user-friendly, full-featured web sites in the real estate investing industry. You guys continue to be the innovators and have earned my loyalty as a SuperSmart customer!
Jeff McVey 135

This message is for Dustin, I made $17k off of your lead and I wanted to say thank you, tell the wife and little one I said hello, love you all!
Brian Farrell 134

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mike for providing me with an overview of how to best utilize my website. I have two websites with Super Smart however I know that I have not used all the wonderful features available to me. I'm not very computer savvy however Mike explained the features in an easy to follow manner. I'm really excited now about the features I have available. Mike showed me how to display free reports, how to place photos on my website. I was paying someone $75.00 each time to place photos on my website because I didn't know how do it. Now I can! I learned tons of information that will help my business to be more efficient and effective in the future. I would highly recommend that everyone take a few moments to learn about the great features available on their website.

Many thanks!
Sabrina Kizzie

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to sign up with some One-On-One Advanced Website Training with Mike Barnes, click here to Sign Up Now!

Mike, I really appreciate your responsiveness and doing what it takes. Yeah, the information you're getting for me IS very helpful and what even more helpful is your attitude. Thanks so much!
Niamaat 132

In the super fast paced world that we Investors are living in, things are getting pretty complicated. The best way to simplify life is to do business with integrity and require those you do business with to do the same. I own a package from nearly every major Investor trainer in the country. I've done this business for 20 years. I've run National Marketing Programs. With all that, I still find there is a lot to understand and hard decisions to make. I appreciate that eliminates one of the biggest and most important decisions. Management knows what they are doing, delivers extreme value, has great state-of-the-art and complete web sites, but most importantly, has always operated with integrity that you can depend upon. Depend upon for your livlihood. With all the new competition, one needs to have the best and to be the best. is an enormous tool to help accomplish that. The company has always been more than just a leader, it's a company run by individuals that you can truly be proud to be associated with and that you can count on. Best tools, best value, best support.
Jerry Hofrock 131

Dustin, We have received so many compliments on the way our websites look and act. We have also had friends tell their associates to look at our websites to see how a professional website looks. You have been there from the start to answer questions or to help in any way we needed. Super Smart Web Profits offer so much for such a reasonalble price. It is so easy to change our questionaires or to change the theme of our websites. I know I don't use a fraction of the capability of these websites and all they could do. You always update the websites with new enhancements on a monthly basis, and best thing, at no charge to us. I don't know of anyone else that could offer the value that you and your company does. Thanks so much.
Gary Wade 130

Why would we change after 4 years? The Super Smart site is always being updated and upgraded!
Glen Copeland 129

My webites are great! As a part time Real Estate Investor with a full time job and a family, Dustin's websites, back office, auto fill forms and others great resources saves me a great deal of time that I could use to spend with my family. It is also helping me to reach my goal to continue Real Estate Investing part time and eliminate my full time job forever.
Juan Garcia 128

Dear Dustin, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for putting together such an awesome site. I am a full time re investor and sometimes it gets so crazy keeping on top of all of the leads. Your sites have helped in a big way for us to do that. They have also helped us to follow up more effectively with leads that need some more time. Thanks for being the first to put this type of site together. There are a lot of copy cats and Johnny come lately but your sites kick their tail!
Paul Boccolucci 127

Hi Dustin:

I wanted to just say thank you for creating superior websites that make my real estate business run smooth and efficient. Before knowing about your websites, I was meeting with computer experts to create a hub at my house so that my partners and I would have all of our real estate information at one place. When I saw the "Back Office" of your sites, a huge relief came over me. That relief was hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that were not wasted trying to create an inferior product to yours. Not to mention all of those upgrades that many companies would charge for that you give for free.

The ease, simplicity and multitude of features associated with your sites are far the best I have ever seen. It helps make my life easier and gives me the ability to tap into my websites from my PDA phone whenever and wherever I want without using my computer. Of course I can't put a price tag on the amount of hours I save so I can spend more time with my family.

Your friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff is the topper. I know that if I have a problem or question, I can get answers that day or the next day at the latest. What's great is that you, who created it, are an investor yourself and use the system in the field. You understand the lingo as well as the frustrations of running this business.

Then on top of all this, I get free leads. Let's see. I pay for a superior product to use that gives me a huge value for the price and then I get leads so that not only I can pay for the product, I get the ability to make thousands of dollars more to do whatever I want with it Gee, is this a no brainer or am I missing something? Why would I use anyone else's product? I wouldn't be able to figure out the return on investment!

So again thanks! Keep up the excellent work and thanks for all of those leads. You're doing an enormous service.


Philip Agrio

have been investing for 5 years and I feel like my business has been stagnant now that I have your system, it is truly sensational! Thank you for making it available!
Sam Levitz 125


I'm a "Super Smart" customer for life! From the moment I first saw your product demo in Los Angeles a few years ago, I knew your web sites were far superior to anything else on the market ... no question about it! ... and to this day it's absolutely still the best out there!

Not only have I been (and will always remain) a BIG advocate of your web sites, the customer service is outstanding!

If there are better web sites anywhere else out there -- I'd have to actually see it with my own eyes in order to believe it.

Your hard work, deligence, and dedication to your product and clients have launched your Super Smart web sites into a far superior category of their own. One which is beyond comparison to other products.

Thanks for all you do, and keep up the awesome work!

Your customer for life,
Staci Main 124

Dustin, Thank you so much for your GIFT, It really wasn't necessary because I truly ment every word I said/wrote down, and I'll take it just the same. This Gift is going to make my personal life and my business that much easier and my business that much profitable and fun too. You guys are great, THANK! To Your Success!
Gabriel 123


I want to tell you that I was recently bombarded with emails about Kris Kirschner's new programs and Web services and I could not understand why he would put himself in that position and lower himself and his company to the ground like that. I mean if, and I say that with a Capital "IF", Kris has such a great System, why is he so concern with your customers and/or other peoples customers? Personally I like to think of me as a VIP Client, because that's how you, your wife Chrissy and everyone that works with you in your office makes me feel. Like I was saying! Can't he just go out and find his own customers and if he does well that's great for him, he has the right to be profitable and do well in his new venture. I wish him well. At the same time there's a right way to go about it and he's way is not the right way.

He might be able to sucker someone else in, me, I'm staying put right where I am. The reason is very simple actually; you see I had the pleasure of meeting you and your lovely wife Chrissy in Atlanta a couple of years ago when I was just getting started in this business. And I tell you, you guys are the best!!! And I'm not just talking about the time I met you and you actually took the time to answer a lot of my questions and concerns that I had as a new Real Estate Investor and gave me a lot of helpful tips that I'm still using to this day. I'm also talking about all of the times Chrissy personally called me back after I purchased your Systems and helped me get my Websites and Domain Names going in the right path and all thru the past two years she has been there for me every time I've needed her. For me it's more about being around people that you Respect and Trust than about anything else. That's what I look for in a Business Relationship because when you don't start with those two things you have nothing, no matter how sweet the cake might look like. You guys have helped me and my family in more ways that I could think of, because you've actually have always given us more than what we pay for through all of the services that you provide and how you're always improving our Websites and still keeping them so easy to operate. I can honestly say that today I am a Successful Real State Investor because I was fortunate enough to run into people like you who know and understand the principals of the "LAW OF SUCCESS".

Thank You! Thank you for your patience, for understanding our needs, for the way you share your knowledge about this business and most importantly for the professional manner in which you and your wife go about your business and how you run your business. This comes from a guy who did not graduate from High School and has very little education when it comes to computers, let alone Websites and Home Pages and all of the other stuff you provide for us that makes all of our jobs a lot easier to learn and understand, not to mention profitable. I wish you, Chrissy and everyone associated with your new company "One Hour Home Buyer" all of the success in the world and that you accomplish all of your Goals and Dreams and the one thing we're all are working for, HAPPINESS... I'm with you for the long ride and I can't wait to meet you again when you have your first Boot Camp in Atlanta. See Ya There!

To Your Success,

Gabriel Lima

P.S.: "No System has been created by which anyone can legally acquire riches through mere force of numbers, or without given in return an equivalent value of one form or another". Napoleon Hill. Thank you for understanding this principal.

I heard Kris at the Donald Trump RE Wealth Expo and really liked the idea of a system with the phones and web-site. I even got a hold of some of his training material. After looking at all that was out there, I chose yours! I am looking forward to it being very successful once I get some of my other marketing in place.
Victor 121

We have been using your websites for I guess 3 yrs now and have been more than happy with the preformance and the updates. The sites started off great and just keep getting better and better. What few times I have needed to contact tech support with questions, you or your people have gotten right back with us and taken care of us. And when we have had some suggestions on making small things better, you lsitened and made changes. Thanks for alway working to make us investors lives easier through technology. Keep up the Good work! God Bless.
Dan Lain 120

Chrissy and Dustin, it's really ironic that I am sitting in an auto piolit seminar and writing an testimonial for Ssuper Smart Web Site, I will always stay with super smart.
Paul 119

I continue to use Super Smart Web Profits as it alone has been the major reason my business is organized and beginning to make a profit. Thank you!
Gregory Moore 118

Awesome new updates! I will use the selective export feature to excel format quite a bit. We have an assistant doing follow up so now I can email her a excel file to work from with my priorities. I am using the outlook contact export routinely as well. NThanks for the added value!
Robin McMahon 117

Thanks a Million "Literally". I am extremely motivated and am looking forward to join the ranks of Millionaires. I will send you a copy of my next check after using Auto Profits. I just made an appointment with one of the leads generated from Super Smart. Have a blessed week!!!!!!!!
L. Pace 116

I've been with Dustin's Super Smart web profits for over 1 year now. I switched from one of Dustin's competitors, to Dustin's websites, not only because he is a great guy, but because they where more innovative than the others out there. He constantly has something new going on while the others are just trying to keep up. I am a progressive individual and I cant stand someone saying "it cant be done", like what I heard from others, Dustin says, how can we do it!...
Elvin Ames 115

By the way, I am Krish Kirshner student and I wanted to let you know that your webistes and services are top notch. You won't have to worry about loosing me as a client. At some point when my cashflow is up I will add additional services such as autofill, which is hands down the best in the industry. Thanks for everything!!!
Lori 114

You're the greatest! I just wanted to let you know that your site has allowed us to move up to 24 houses per month because of the efficiency! Thank you for putting together this truly powerful too!
Rick Delon 113

Thanks Dustin!! I kept reading about your AutoProfits on your webpage. I am very excited!! I appreciate all of your help and absolutely love your websites. We have 3 of them and we receive a ton of compliments from our clients. You need to come to AZREIA to promote your websites!!
Sheres 112

Dustin- I spoke with you several years ago concerning the idea of "Buy" and "Sell" sites for homes. You always stayed true to your plans and kept all your promises. I joined your system and never been disappointed with my decision. Recently, I (we) attended some events where Kris Kirchner's courses were shown. I am a person who believes that we all can continue to learn and add to the real estate library. The special offers and incentives being offered to switch over were interesting. Many of us discussed the idea. After some time and due diligence it was decided to stick with a WINNER. I have told many people about you and your system. I have never received any money, commission, or referral fee to suggest your company. I gladly refer people to you. My reputation and character are put on the line every time I refer someone to you. So far, I have never been contacted by anyone who did not appreciate my guidance and suggestion to use to get to the next level. It takes more than paper and materials to keep people loyal and happy. Customer service, honesty, fair value, features, great software, willingness to share, knowledge, etc... These are just some of the reasons I can think of off the top of my head that I, and others, will stay a LOYAL SUPER SMART CUSTOMER. I don't think of you guys as my "website company", I think of you guys as friends who understand the needs of individuals and families trying to make a difference in the real estate business. Well, time for me to shut-up and get to work. Can't wait to start using the AutoProfits to increase offers. Basically, I just wanted to say THANKS for all the time and support. Keep up the great job! God Bless America!
Marc Vilt 111

At a event in May, we were exposed to both the SuperSmart websites and products and also to the competitors product(s) which were not web based and we hands-down decided to purchase the SuperSmart websites because they had superior functionality and portibility. Because of the presents of SuperSmart with the internet search engines, we have received free leads from motivated sellers in our area. Because of the amount of leads generated, other investors want our secret...
Regina & Cathy 110

I began a switch from Super Smart based on some ill founded advice. In less than one week I could tell the difference. The support offered by Super Smart is far superior to that of other providers and the effectiveness of the sites is unmatched.

I will be adding more sites in the future and plan to utilize the Super Smart web sites for all my real estate business activities.

Please turn on your fabulous AutoProfits system so that I can utilize the expertise offered by Super Smart even more.

Outstanding Job!!
Michael Eicher 109

Your creation of this website, combined with your training/integration places this REI website in a league of it's own, other websites for real estate investors' just simply do not measure up! I can't wait to market this thing, I'll keep you posted, via email on the results! Thanks for all your Help!
Pat Bruner 108

I'm a seasoned investor and have done well over 100 real estate transactions in three states. I've been there done that, but still learning, still learning... I am a satisfied customer of the Super Smart websites since May of 2003. Since then these sites have become such an integral part of my business, that quite frankly, I could not imagine a time when I did not have them. Sometimes I wonder how I got by without these sites.

I was considering building my own site as well, but when I found out the cost of even building a mediocre site ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, I quickly gave up on that idea. For only a couple thousand bucks, these sites are an absolute bargain. I think you should steal them while they are so darn cheap. So I have researched all the websites around town and can say with 100% confidence these are the finest sites and the best value you will find anywhere. I dare you to find a better deal anywhere on the planet, and to back it up, I will write someone a check for $1,000 if they can come up with it. (Don't worry, I won't be writing any checks to anyone.)

Anyway, buying and selling properties is a breeze for me now. No muss no fuss. All the buyers enter their info online, all the sellers input their info online. I never have to worry about losing deals or buyers again. I estimate I've lost a potential $100,000 in cash over 5 years from not properly following up or worse yet, losing the leads. Never again. I could have bought thirty websites for that price! This is the tool to get my business and my investments to the next level of automation and organization. I do several deals a month, but if I so choose, I have the structure in place, thanks to this website to handle 5-10 deals a month just as easily.

If you are in the real estate business, these websites are an essential tool for managing leads of buyers and sellers, and automating their follow up. It's made the paperwork end of the real estate business a breeze. And better yet, you'll stay on the latest cutting edge as the websites continually improve, and add additional features, such as Spanish versions of the sites, and auctioning your property on-line "ebay" style. It's great to have Dustin be available to iron out any kinks, incorporate feedback, and help me out any way I need.

Just buy the sites, go ahead and do it. A fraction of a deal is all it takes to pay back your cheap investment. You can thank us later.
Stefan J. Kasian 107

I just wanted to let you know that the web sites are the BOMB!! Not only that they are the fighter plane, the warhead the whole kit and caboodle.

All I do is market via postcards and flyers to particular neighborhoods, and I still get 1 to 2 leads a day. I just bought a house the other day with $35,000 in equity. The best is yet to come. Each and every morning, I get 1 to 2 interested buyers who find my website via searches on the web. The above house is going to be sold before I even take possession. I have two interested parties. The best part is I have never talked to the buyers.

Furthermore, I just moved from Baton Rouge to Charlotte. I still have property in Baton Rouge and have a vacancy. I just ran an ad for a rent to own. All I did was put in the website with no phone number. I have over 20 leads and just got one with $5,000 down. Hmmmmm, I think I can make her numbers work. The best part is that I have been dealing with these tenants via the web. No face to face, no driving around town. IN fact, I don't even have to shower!!! I can do it all right from my laptop anywhere in the world.

The websites are not the future, they are the here and now!! If I had to do it all over again, I would make the websites the first thing I bought. The best part is I just spoke with another investor who saw my sites and started to cry. She was upset cause she just spent over $55,000 building her website and it wasn't even half of what I spent. She is getting ready to tank her site and buy yours!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You Guys Rock!!
Matt G. 106

Dustin, Just wanted to thank you for all the help and advice towards the end of this short sale deal in Tampa. It closes today after finally negotiating the 2nd down from 111K to 18K and pulling teeth to get the payoff. It's 31K on my first deal and will start my marketing campaign full force in July.
Elizabeth Alina 105

I just really wanted to let you know how impressed i was with your Website. As a follow Computer Information Systems Graduate who has programmed now for about six years in 8 different languages, I was amazed at how wonderful and easy your site makes it for an investor.
Chris Helton 104

Hi Dustin, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy working with you and appreciate the way you are trying to accommodate us. It's always a pleasure working with intelligent people who are willing to go out of their way for their clients. We understand and value such traits and certainly try to live by those same principles ourselves. Thanks a bunch.
Al Kaznoon 103

The Street Smart Webprofit Websites are simply fantastic! We've operated our own site for more than two years, but the great look, flexibility, ease of use, and power of this site design is unmatched! This is one of the very best investments we've made for our real estate business! Thanks!
Elaine Campbel 102

I just printed out my all my paperwork using AUTOFILL - I am crying TEARS OF JOY!! - This is the best thing since slice bread. I feel sorry for the people who don't have AUTOFILL!
Patsy 101

I can tell you in all honesty that we are much happier with our Street Smart Websites than with any other website we've had. The Street Smart Websites are so much more than just another website. The real value is in the private pages, that's where your moneys worth is. I should tell you, when I first heard about the Street Smart Websites I was at a conference in FL. and when I was told the price I just couldn't believe it. I thought there's NO WAY I would pay that much for some website. Especially when I was just as happy as I could be with the website that I had at the time. I thought the one I had was just perfect. Then my partner Dan started telling me about how it's not just a website and about all this OTHER stuff that comes with it. I must admit that I still didn't see the big deal. My partner knew I was going to see you guys again in Atlanta so he said that when I see the presentation I'll see what he's talking about. WOW!!!! after about the first 5 minuets I was SOLD!!! When I got back home I told my partner he was right and we bought all 3 right away and haven't looked back since. I USE the private site EVERY DAY. and to be honest with you I just don't know how in the world we did as well as we did before getting the websites. They make the day to day life of Real Estate Investors SOOOOOOOO much easier. It really doesn't matter where you are in your Real Estate career, Dustin's websites WILL bring you to the next level, I know it has for us. Just one of the features are enough reason to get AND USE the websites. One that I've really enjoyed is the ability to look up a property address, so when your bird-dogs bring you leads that they want to get paid on, before you pay them you check your database and see if it's something you already have. That way you don't pay for the same lead over and over again. If you have as many people out bringing you leads as we have, it could be a real problem without Dustin's websites. It's much better than sifting through mountains of seller info sheets to see if you already have it. What a waste of time that would be. I really just can't say enough about how much the Street Smart Websites have helped us organize our business. Thanks for all you've done for us.
Matthew Wells 100

Dustin, Hi! It was a pleasure to meet you at Kris' Boot Camp. We really enjoyed your informative session with the group. You are an excellent teacher. Thank you so much again for your help. We tell everyone we meet at classes about how helpful that you are.
Mary and Wes Murakami 99

Just spoke with a client who said we have an "absolutely wonderful website." It was full of information and made them feel really good about calling us. They indicated it was very user friendly. They are even going to register for the Cash Reward Program! Gee, Dustin, THANKS!!!!!!!
Elaine 98

Hello, Dustin, I love my web sites! Man, what a great tool this is going to be for my real estate investing business.
Jim Greene 97

The website is kickin butt. Talk about instant credibility!!!!!!
Thomas Davies 96

My wife and I just purchased your two-site package here in Atlanta and we are totally thrilled with its performance.
Tom Stokes 95

As always Dustin, your dedication to continually improving the site is absolutely fantastic! Thanks!
Bill Thompson 94

Dustin/Chrissy: It was good meeting you both at the MI Real Estate Investors Conference. The changes to the site look great! For us the sites have worked out great, not only do they look good and easy to maneuver and manage but it has done a lot to build credibility with our customers. We now have the front and back for both the Buy/Sell sites. I purchased the back-end for the buy site yesterday and will take a look at the Lender site next.
Paul Szatkowski 93

You and your company have got the best customer service I've ever experienced. you guys really listen to what the customers want and need. I appreciate that. I made the right choice of choosing you for my system management. Thank you!
Parama Wicaksana Danoesoebroto 92

Everything looks great! Your sites are the best I've ever seen!
Joe M. 91

Thank you, I am impressed with your site and your service!
Carlos Del Rio 90

Hi Dustin, the new upgrades are terrific ! ! !
Laura Darr 89

Hi Dustin, Great job on the recent enhancements to our websites. Thanks a million! The documents, forms, and flyers are a lifesaver.
Joe Davis 88

Thanks for Dustin who created this website to help us focus and helped us stay focused and on our first property to wholesale! We have all the communication with the seller and the buyer and we completed double closing within our first 60 days and net profit over $7000! Thanks to the greatest tool and we expect more! We have all the confidence in this website to do more than any local software would do. It is totally mobile, it is easy to communicate, it keeps track of all the activities and follow ups, it is the best in the world of investing! I did not have to carry any pile papers leads and shuffle thru them to keep me focused! This tool totally eliminated none value added activities and gave me all the value back and more! You can live without this website! Thanks for creating the best! I recommend this to every serious real estate investors who can step up to the plate and take actions on the knowledge you have! Your faith realized when you are following through! Take action now!
Robert Sams 87

Dustin, Kari and I just looked at the buying site. We're absolutely blown away! Not only is the site well-designed, which we expected, and very user-friendly for sellers, which we expected, but the text you've written is text we'll feel GOOD about having people read and associate with us, which we DIDN'T expect! You've managed to catch not only the substance but also the spirit of what we do. THANK YOU! We're grateful!
Kalen Hammann 86

Dustin, I thought I loved the websites before, but this time you have really raised the bar. Thanks for all you efforts to constantly continue to improve an already Great real estate investing tool.
Don Staley 85

Hi Mike, I know that I definitely chose the right company with you on board. Some of the companies just take your money and then you are on your own. As I mentioned before I think you have a great product, but without your support, guidance and quick response to questions I have asked it would NOT be the same. So glad you're there. Thanks for having my site up and running the very same day I came on board, as well as the other good info you shared with me.
Sam Haimes 84

Dear Dustin,

My wife and I could not be happier with your website. Having built websites for a living, I know that your site would have cost me over $30,000 if I had paid someone to custom build it for me.

We are greatly impressed by the following incredible features:
  • The data base driven questionnaire works phenomenally with our live operator answering service. Both the buyer and the seller pages track the calls and communications in an easy to use format. The administrator page allows us to customize the responses to fit our business.
  • The layout of the website is fantastic. I have gotten many compliments from buyers and sellers as to its ease of use.
  • The interface to upload pictures allows the most computer illiterate person to easily use this system.
  • The reference documents that have been added to the library are worth half the cost of the website.
  • The recent addition to the Private Money section, allowing us to track the property details, was brilliant.
Your ongoing dedication to improving the product will keep your website ranked as the best in my opinion.

Robert E. Bridges 83

Hi, I'm Kendra Ford from Dallas, Texas. I purchased the Super Smart Web Profits website and I can't believe how great it is. It keeps me organized with a system to manage my deals. As a marketing tool, it has brought me deals I probably would not have had otherwise. In the last 8 months, I have closed 13 deals for over $45k in profit and of the 6 current deals that I am working; I should receive more than $50k in the next few months. Thanks Super Smart Web Profits.
Kendra Ford 82

Dear Dustin:

I would like to tell you about my success with your websites. Before meeting you, I was an organizational nightmare. I had handwritten notes of prospect leads scattered all over my desk. I would lose information and forget to call the prospects back. This led to many lost deals. I looked at cheaper sites, which only displayed a buying message and a list houses for sale. With those sites, I would have only become more disorganized.

Now with your websites, I have been able to manage my business much more efficiently. My favorite website benefit is the private administrative side. This is where I manage all my buying and selling leads. With my answering service linked to the websites, all prospect conversations are transcripted, emailed to me, and funneled into my website's database with, the emails from the other prospects. I can track the conversations and contact information for all of my prospects.

Another great benefit of your sites is that the selling and buying sites are separate. I don't want my sellers to see the new asking price for their house. Prospects visiting my buying site see clear, professional information about how I can buy their house.

My selling site is great. Visitors can get information and pictures of the houses for sale, and how they can qualify. When a buying lead comes in, I can link them to a particular house, and track the approval process and all conversations. Property description sheet are automatically developed and can be printed off the site.

My improved organization has lead to greater productivity, and larger checks. Lastly, you and your staff always provide valuable free updates, and are quick to handle support questions. Sincerely,
Robert Warburton 81

Dustin, Phillip Here from Texas. I just wanted to drop a quick note about how much I love the websites for my real estate business. Since I now have my websites my business has gotten a lot easier to manage and handle leads effectively. I'm always ahead of my competition because I can keep up with every lead coming in from my keyboard. We have the ability to keep every lead in the computer and no longer have to shuffle thru paper after paper looking for lost leads. Managing my business has never been easier and I know as a result I will make more money in less time. Thanks Super Smart for helping me save money, make money and handle my business with ease!
Phillip Warrick 80

My name is Jeff Milligan and I have been using my website(s) for almost 4 years (since the very beginning) and it has helped me to make a lot of money. More importantly it serves as a automated secretary. Whenever someone calls I either send them to my website or they get my voicemail with the website address attached to it. They then go to the website and fill in all the information that I need in order to make an intelligent decision on purchasing the property. The website(s) are very professionally done and I get compliments all the time. It makes my operation look like a 50 person run corporation.

My website(s) also help me to manage my leads real effectively. At any time from anywhere I can go onto my website and access my client's phone numbers, email addresses and the communication that I last had with them. This is very good for me because I go on at least three 7 day cruises a year and I conduct business from anywhere in the world, on the ship, on the beach, and even in Alaska while watching a Glacier! By the way I purchase at least 15-20 houses a month "with no money and no credit" by receiving the information that I get from my websites!!!

To be honest with you, I have a lot of more growing to do by utilizing my website because there are a lot of tools that I have not used yet!

I want to thank you Dustin and Christine for allowing me to be a part of your success and helping me to become a success too.
Jeff Milligan 79

I am a happy customer! I started not too long ago, and using the websites from the get-go allowed me to add instant credibility to my business! (I actually got comments like "well, with a website like that, you must know what you are doing..." - even when I didn't yet, at the time... ;)) It also really saves me lots of time by me or my staff not having to repeat multiple times per day specifics on properties we have for sale. We simply tell (or email) them to please check out the website, which has all the info they need as well as inside pictures of the properties - and to contact us via email rather than call us, if not urgent. On top of that Dustin & team are a pleasure to work with. Dustin has been very cooperative and responsive. He truly understands the value of great service - in both sides' interest! I also appreciate the constant improvements! All in all: I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you, and now let's go do some deals!
Falk Willis 78

I am a proud owner of the super smart web site system. I tried another web site company (no names) but quickly canceled after I had a taste of Dustin's web site and service. So far with minimal advertising it has brought me many leads. It was also the reason I got the Chadwick deal and the check for $58,750.64 the seller was sold on my professionalism, they took a look at my site and said 'OK where do I sign'. The competition didn't have web sites. Think just that made me $60,000, for a site I paid $2495 for, wow! I took the property over subject too in a land trust for about $190,000 in debt and flipped it 'as is' to another investor for $250,000 it is worth $380,000 fixed up. So he was a happy camper as well. And the seller was ecstatic to get rid of that head ache so everyone got what they wanted, well every one except for my competition that is... LOL. Thanks Dustin!
Elvin Ames 77

Dustin, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all you have done and continue to do with the Super Smart Websites! I'm sure glad I made that decision to purchase your websites!!! It has made a huge difference in my business and has taken me to entirely different level in this business. The decision was actually pretty simple since your websites are the best thing since the internet itself!! The only question I had to ask myself was: "Am I serious about this business?" (or is it a hobby?) This is the same question your future customers will have to ask themselves. I was amazed at how fairly the websites were priced with all that they can do. I do highly recommend your real estate web sites!!! Not only have they given me a web presence, but the "back office" has also help me get organized with my leads and makes follow-up a breeze. Plus and I can manage my business anywhere I have internet access---that is so cool!! This was an investment that has more than paid for itself with my first wholesale deal. This business is great and it is even better with your websites!! Please keep the updates coming--they are all great. Thanks again! PS Thanks for the GREAT customer Service---You could (write a book) teach the rest of the business world what good customer service!
Don Staley 76

I wanted to give a testimonial regarding my website,, and how it's working for me to obtain more real estate deals. The most important feature is the fact that the web sites exists! The 800# that I have automates the calls, and the website gives the information Sellers need. You couldn't place an ad with this much content in the newspapers, postcards, or letters that we use.

Another important feature is the real estate resource link. It always comes in handy at the most critical time when a unique deal needs to be made. The last deal we closed was an Option to Purchase. Speed is the name of the game here, and the convenience of having my forms there when I need it earned us $243,000 on that deal. How can you put a price tag on the website for something like that?!!

One deal a year, that pays for all website, advertisements, and voice mail dues. We're hoping for 1 deal a month now! We know that will happen soon.

Dustin, thanks for creating the website with so much creativity, content, and support. Much success and happiness to your entire team and family. Sincerely,
Donald Kung 75

Thanks Dustin, your websites are wonderful! We sold our first house 5 days after putting it on the website. We got the price we wanted and they paid cash! For beginners, the smartest thing we did was sign up for your websites. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Eric Nye & Loretta Darius 74

You did it again. You and your team far exceed the expectations of what I was expecting in the begining of our relationship a few years ago. I hope you and your family are doing well. Keep up the GREAT work.
Jonathan Rexford 73

Thanks for all you help and support. You have done a phenomenal job on putting together these websites. I continue to recommend you to investors.
Brian Bliss 72

Hello: My name is Dan Linton - from Middleburg Florida. As someone with a very technical background, let me express, in a nutshell, why any real estate investor would want one or more of the Supersmart websites available. Are you ready? ...So you can work ON your business and not IN it. The very bright "go getters" at SuperSmart websites are solving the technical issues which add tremendous value and credibility to anyone endeavoring in this Buy, Sell, Lend, Renovate, Lease-Option, etc. world of Real Estate transactions. Super Smart IS the hybrid engine for the Real Estate business - You'll get more mileage when you're driving your business through the Super Smart Websites!
Dan Linton 71

Dustin is the best we have met. We have spent thousands of dollars on seminars and software programs etc. over the last 2 years. No one can even come close to Dustin's integrity or the way he goes out of his way to answer questions and resolve problems in record time! Other's require a continuing outpouring of money to receive their updates and customer support. Many promises have been made and while waiting for the promised item the rules change. Oops it's going to cost extra now. Not so with Dustin! He has put together a phenomenal website, tools and support team. We will be with Dustin for the long haul. Our clients have told us they find the sites easy to navigate, very informative and feel their questions are answered. Very positive experience.... We recommend SUPER SMART WEBSITES to everyone. Thank you Dustin and your staff for being the BEST ON THE PLANET!!
Brian and Aggie Thiesing 70

I am a full-time investor in Akron, Ohio, which is one of the most challenging markets in the country. I have been wholesaling, rehabbing, retailing and landlording for five years. As a one-person business, juggling all of the tasks is daunting, and my time management and organization skills are less than ideal. I also have been struggling with my own website that is time-consuming to maintain. When I saw the SuperSmart websites, I knew that this was the answers to my prayers. I have a single place to keep leads for buyers and sellers and an easy-to-use interface for marketing my houses. Instead of keeping leads on numerous sheets of papers, I have an easily accessible database that I can get to from any computer. I wake up each morning, and I have fresh leads to work (some generated from my advertising, and some provided by Dustin for free). I also can have potential buyers look on my website and see exterior and interior pictures instead of driving around doing showings – what a time saver!

This site also gives me credibility with private lenders, other investors and buyers that my competition doesn't have. In this business, credibility is one of the critical factors for long-term success.

Since taking my Super Smart site active about one month ago, I have received over 30 Sellers leads, 20 Buyer leads and have sold one house to an owner-occupant (I will net $20,000 and we are set to close next week), sold one on lease/option and rented a duplex. For many investors, this may not sound like much, but to an investor in Northeast Ohio, this is quite an achievement.

Finally, the support provided by Dustin and his staff is impeccable. Thanks!
Rob Rothschild 69

To Dustin & Christine Griffin: Hello, my name is Andrew. I've been a client of Super Smart Web for a short time. I researched other websites but none had the quality and technology you provide. The information and programs you offer your clients are highly customer service minded along with profitable knowledge. You also offer a back office style program that has been researched and designed for the real estate investor in mind.

I have the confidence in your website's ability to represent my business with professionalism. That is why I can so easily refer people anywhere and anytime of day to the websites without any hesitation. I know that it will benefit and compliment my business.

I find people are more comfortable after they have visited the websites. Often it validates my business and assures them if they had any doubts or hesitations. Thus taking the edge off and making it one step closer to closing.

Thanks for the awesome websites that you have made available. It has been an invaluable asset to my business.

Enclosed with this testimonial, is a picture of me with a smile that speaks volumes. I am holding a check, in front of the bank, from one property that was sold this month. It will express to you what I lack in words. Yours Truly.
Andrew Goodwin 68

Dustin, You are a website genius and innovator, always looking for ways to stay on the cutting edge of the buying and selling houses in the ever-changing real estate market. Your free monthly updates for my websites and responses to my technical-customer support questions go way beyond what I expected. You now have over 171 themes to customize my website, giving those who visit my website with a fresh, new look and the option of reading it in Spanish. Your ideas on using bandit websites have helped, too.

You have provided me with everything I need and more than I can use; your timely updates and the 1002 available resources are awesome and inspiring. I especially like your marketing tips; land and personal property trusts; options; website links; seller, buyer, investor credibility kits; and there's so much more.

You are always interested in new ideas that work and have been willing to share those ideas via free, tele-seminar training activities with leaders who disclose their "secrets" on how they made it happen in their world.

Everyone, who is getting serious about creating a profitable business of buying and selling houses, knows marketing is critical to getting your message out and differentiating yourself from the competition! In selling a house, the first impression is key; it's called "curb appeal". Your website and resources gives me that "first impression" edge, the wealth of options on the website gives me credibility, and your creative ideas gives me effective tools that my competitors don't have. Thank you!
John Zemaitis 67

Dustin/Chrissy: Our websites are fantastic! To sum it up,they have brought increased professionalism, an improved buying process, and greater credibility with both seller and buyers. It's the perfect fit for us, a website for serious investors built by serious investors that is very user friendly. We had a great 2005 and we look forward to taking it to even a higher level in 2006. I am including details on one of the deals we completed that generated a very nice pay day.
Paul Szatkowski 66

I'm really enjoying my website - thank you so much Dustin and Chrissy! I'm getting some of my best leads through you guys!
Shelley McClean 65

We are investors in North Carolina and we have been using your websites and hosting services for awhile now. We are writing because we have been receiving leads from your site for properties all over NC. This has been a great service. Thank you for your help!
Adam Kensky 64

Hey Guys! I just wanted to drop a line and help you on letting people know how superior your system is WAY MORE and ABOVE the autopilot complete. There is NO other website out there that provides what you guys have accomplished to provide: The Best System in the market, Best Customer Support, Excellent Service 24/7. And I don't tell you this Just because I love you guys and because I appreciate you more than any other Real Estate Investor Service out there because I really do, But Also because it is True. You really go the extra mile for your customer (which I know you don't just consider them customers but friends) Love you guys, God Bless you!!!!
Art 63

We have purchased 2 houses with good equity off the leads that you send us. Thanks for all the leads!
Chris Green 62

Dustin, thank you so much for the gift of Auto Profits. It means a lot to me and my family who are hoping to get our first deal. If you have some training I would love to attend.
Manny Pinto 61

I have been using your web site for a year or so and have been very satisfied!
Karl Swaringen 60

I love Super Smart! Dustin, I think it has been about two years since I signed up with you folks.
Dennis 59

Thanks Dustin for all U do. Love your work & great web sites & support.
Kevin 58

Hi Dustin and the team, I started with you when you first came down here from OHIO and I know your web site have a lot to offer and it is so easy to use. I enjoy being your customer for the past 4 years and I'm here to stay. Thanks!
Son Vu 57

There are many real estate sites but none compare to Super Smart. We have been with you for 3 years and you continually get better and better... no need to look further... you are on the cutting edge. We put our signs up and in a matter of 7 days we had a buyer coming thru our website. We had many people calling but our backend follow up system on our super smart system, eliminated needless calls, allowed us to communicate via email and Viola! we sold a house within 7 days!!
Johnna & Bob 56

Why are we staying with Super Smart? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. we are having a great time using the program. With all of the features that are added or updated on a regular basis, can't imagine going anywhere else.
Ken Wirt 55

Hi Dustin, I always support you not because you have great products, but also you and your wife are nice people. Again, thank you for your support. I just bought my first subject to house with your AutoProfit calculation after being in business for one year.
William 54

HI Dustin, Just letting you know we appreciate your continued professional work on our websites and looking forward to many more years with you. Thank you.
D. Peters 53

Dustin, I am loving my websites. I am getting buyers and sellers signing up almost daily. I am really pleased with how easy it is to add properties and photos. The sites really brought my professionalism to a new level. I love the data base of buyers and the ability to move someone from retail to wholesale was utilized today and was a snap. On top of all that your responsiveness to my questions has been outstanding. Many thanks!
Dave Evans 52

Just a note to Dustin and Company that we have been using our websites from Dustin for over 3 years and we have never had any issues regarding service. The customer service has been outstanding and we have never seen any issues regarding website access. Dustin is the greatest! Kudo's to the entire organinzation!!!!
Johnna & Bob 51

Dustin I will continue to you your system for buying and selling houses. It has served me well for the past 3 years. I love all of the upgrades you provide at no additional cost.
Rickey Benns 50

Hi Dustin, I'm one of your first website customers. Since I first saw your web sites, I knew that I would be one of your clients. Now 3 or 4 years pass by and I love my still web sites. Thank you for create this great sites, that made me looks like a "Super Investor". I think I need to go a seminar to get updated with the functionality of your web sides. Thank you and keep doing that great job, Also I want to know about your One Hour Homebuyer biz. I know this will be a great success.
Gustavo Oropeza 49

Thanks again for everything, we are really pleased and amazed with your product, it will streamline our business and I am really looking forward to all the future updates.
Ross 48

We continue to be very satisfied with out Super Smart site. I am a former web designer, and I think it says something that I am using your site instead of designing my site myself.
Paul Manners 47

Dustin and crew we have had your web sites for over a year now, even though we purchased our sites though autopilot we have not even consider changing. As you said you are investors and web site designers. Not selling books and tapes.
Charles 46

We will continue to use your systems over the autopilot system because your systems have been able to do everything we've ever needed them to do for our real estate business. And any time we have a question or issue, you are always very quick to respond.
AGI 45

I believe your websites have a better design and more user friendly. I think the best is your customer support! Usually, you will get back to me the next business day.
Chen Hsu 44

Dustin, it's so obvious you're an innovator in the industry. Your entire system is all about auto pilot and having the freedom to work from anywhere.
Ross F. 43

We are more than satisfied with the service we receive from the Super Smart Web Site and systems and the amount of information the operators are able to get from home sellers is amazing and with the voice mail system we are always able to call back sellers who may hang up if we choose. Up till now we haven't had time to bother as we are too busy calling the sellers who have called us and left enough information to decide if its worth our while to call them. We appreciate the improvements and updates that are provided each month. The websites have made us much more credible to buyers, sellers and lenders they usually assume we are huge due to the image it provides. Thanks Dustin and keep it up. We purchased your site at an autopilot event in November of '04 our leads took off in February after our first mailing campaign and without the back office to manage many files may have slipped through our fingers. We are now partnering with other investors in hotter markets and having this site and system is the reason they are excited to join forces.
Robin and Steve McMahon 42

Your service has been fantastic!
Russ Johnson 41

I'm really enjoying my website - thank you so much Dustin and Chrissy! I'm getting some of my best leads through you guys!
Shelley McClean 40

Dear SuperSmart Team, I will continue to use your software and websites because I've never been anything less than completely satisfied with them. Also, I really appreciate your professionalism, customer service, courtesy and generosity. I really believe you want your customers to become as successful in this business as your company has. Thanks so much for all you do and for "AutoProfits". This is just another expression of your generosity. Thanks again from one of your loyal customers!
Joe K Davis 39

Dustin, I don not know what Kirchner is offering but my experience with Super Smart has been fabulous. We currently buy 3-6 houses a month in Oregon. Your sites have allowed me to live 3 hours away from where we buy houses for these reasons: 1) My sales person can log on and change only what I allow her to so she can sell houses for us without our help. 2) We can be in our office and never have to leave because we can assign all leads to our two acquisition managers. 3) My office manager can track everyhing through one system rather than having to use other databases and programs. We will be with you for the long haul and we are looking forward to learn about the opportunity with One Hour Homebuyers.
Matt Brindell 38

I enjoy using my SuperSmart website backend and feel that it handles all of my needs well. If I do have issues, I know that there is support to get them handled, or educate me on the proper use of the site. Thanks for all of your work to make a great website to help my business grow. I look forward to our mutual success.
Peter Flanagan 37

I have been a happy customer of Dustin's websites for over 3 years. I have researched many auto pilot type websites and Dustin's is always coming out on top in terms of cutting edge technology, and ease of use.
Marc Fordham 36

Dustin, I want to let you know that I have been happy with the service and updates with your websites. To be successful in real estate, you need to stay on the cutting edge. You and your websites have done just that. Keep them coming!
Bob Warburton 35

The SuperSmart system has been working very well for me, Thanks!
Dave Preszler 34

Top 5 reasons to go with Super Smart: 5) Easy to navigate. 4) It's like having a personal secretary. 3) Dustin and Co. are constantly updating and improving the site. 2) Customer service is second to none. 1) It has more tools than NASA!!
Raffy D 33

The support, features, and benefits we get from your sites are second to none. All of the help you've given me goes far beyond my website. You guys are not just my website gurus, you're my friends. Rock on!
Carleton Fox 32

Your system is far superior to autopilot! I was only checking out autopilot's sites because they are pushing them really hard and saying that your sites are no longer compatible with their system. Boy were they wrong!
Dave G. 31

We use your system because it works and always has! Any support issue has been handled quickly, personally many time by Dustin himself and professionaly.
Chris Morris 30

Thanks for making our website look so professional! It instantly gives us credibilty and allows our prospects to give us detailed info for prescreening in a non-threatening way! You make it simple and give us the support to understand its many uses!
Mary 29

Dustin we feel your site is far superior to what they (autopilot) offer. When we were at the auto seminar in Atlanta in March we saw the software and were unimpressed. We asked them if they were also offering marketing of the site and they said huh? Not knowing what I meant. We get probably 30 leads a month from your site and that means a lot to us. Your website is so feature laden and with all the new updates it hard to keep up with it and we are probably not utilizing it effectively so thought maybe you could have a mini seminar on it sometime.
Mike 28

Hi Dustin, I love the customer service with Super Smart. Any time something pops up, you guys are very quick to get it handles. The free updates every month are awesome!!! It seems that every month we get some new goodies for our websites. The sites are very user friendly and makes organizing my business much easier. And of course, the fact that I get free leads from you is just awesome!! The profits I've made from the leads you send has certainly more than paid for my website. Thank you very much.
Dean Teitelbaum 27

I have had my website for almost 3 years and I love it. It makes working on the road a breeze. I can make offers anywhere I can get an internet connection. What I like most is that you and your team always have your investor hat on first. Our websites have a clean and simple interface that anyone can learn to use. The upgrades, they just keep comming. They are comming faster than I can keep up and it is not just to sell more features, but to keep us ahead of the game. Most new features and functions are free and your support is head and sholders above the rest. You welcome suggestions and treat us like investment partners. We use what you have already proven as a successful stragegy and business procesess. I have compared my site with others and I always walk away knowing that what I have is a great value.
Robin Nixon 26

We saw your first presentation. You told us about what your plans where and how you envisioned your web sites would impact our real estate business. We bought the Total Package, buy, sell invest and added Spanish for them all. We trusted in you and paid you before you even had a complete product. You've done everything that you envisioned and a lot, lot more. There have been a lot of "copy cats" that have come along since then. Why should we change when you have always been there to answer any of our questions and continue to do so. You even ask for our input and continue to make changes and upgrades when needed. Thanks for the great service.
Beth Emmers 25

Dustin and Chrissy, we purchased your system over a year ago, shortly after purchasing Kris Kirchner's AutoPilot courses. We saw your system as the perfect complement to his program. The true testimony here is that for all the money we spent on his training package, we have benefitted far more from your SuperSmart System! Although we saw that they work perfectly together, Kris' program just didn't end up meeting our needs so we have basically written his AutoPilot program off and are following our own program. Frankly, had we tried Kris' progam alone without the SuperSmart System, AutoPilot never would have gotten us off the ground. Not only did the SuperSmart System work with Kris' program, but it also supports our own "custom" business model! We wouldn't have been successful without your system! Thank you both so much for bringing this system to the marketplace, and for being so awesome to work with. Your leads have been great!!
James 24

Dear Dustin and everyone at SuperSmartWebProfits, There is nobody out there that can touch the quality of your website and above all else the service. There is no question who I refer people to when they ask about my websites. Thank you all for everything that you do and continue to do!
Vicky Taylor 23

I have seen the websites my associates use and they do not hold a candle to what Super Smart Websites do! I appreciate so much the smoothness, simplicity and constant innovation you provide. It is clear that you are truly attempting to assist others with their success as real estate investors, and that you're not in the "seminar business." This is evident in all the many ways you try to address and simplify all the details, big and small, that are involved in the buying and selling business. It is clear you are not just website designers, but are truly ACTIVE real estate investors yourselves. The websites and services have increased efficiency of my business by streamlining processes. I am not even tempted to switch over to another website service. You have proven to be the best bar none! Thank you for all that you do. I am grateful!
Melanie P. 22

Dustin et al., You have been responsive to our requests. You are continuously evolving by offering new & improved service and products and finally you have delivered on what you promised in the context of the seminar in which we purchased your product. We got what we paid for and then some! We have all fallen victim to "having it all" but when it comes to providing service it is best left to the professionals. That is how we view you and would recommend you and your company to others. We plan on moving forward... together with you! Our company values loyalty and you can count on ours.
M.S. Tyson 21

Hello Dustin and Family, I wanted to take a minute to tell you how great it has been working with you and Super Smart. Your hard work is obvious with the continual updates and response to our needs. Your response time to questions is unbelievable and your system is so user friendly that a child could use it. Thanks for standing by your commitment to provide the best product and best service available. Take a momment and enjoy the sun.
Nancy Erickson 20

I just wanted drop you a line and let you know what a huge impact your services have had on my real estate investment operation. I have been investing for 4 years and have wanted to take my business to the next level for along time. I couldn't figure out just how to do it until I stumble across your websites. After comparing prices I went with a no set-up fee $49.00 a month website service. It was crap! I dumped them after 1 month. After much deliberation and sleepless nights I decided to spend the money and buy your buy/sell/lender combo sites. The money spent was well worth it! Your sites are outstanding! When I signed up with you guys I thought all I needed was the front end of a website, but the back-end has totally transformed my 1 man operation into a 3 person house buying machine! I now have a full time buyer and sales-person that can work out of their houses. One is an 85 year old retired realtor. We use your back office to manage leads and to coordinate our efforts on the buy and sell side. Your system has allowed me to organize my leads and to delegate the majority of tasks to my other two employees, this allows me to focus on only the hottest leads and work on the big picture. I highly recommend this system to anyone that is ready to truly take their real estate investing business to the next level. The only way to do that is through organization and delegation. These sites allow you to do that and I have not found anything that comes close. I realized the value of the website lead tracking systems last week when I bought a house on a follow-up call. I thought the house was sold. Normally that's where it would end. I scheduled it for a 2 week follow up. The deal fell through and I got it. Before this system that lead would have been on a piece of paper in a stack somewhere but since I could hit a button and follow up 2 weeks later I made 25k. A good follow-up system is priceless. I would also like to mention you high level of support. Mike, you and Dustin have worked closely with me to get me trained on the system and to address any issues that I may have. When I have a question it is always answered timely. Finally there were added bonuses that I wasn't even aware of until they came rolling in..... and those are the free leads that come in off of your multiple websites. I have already gotten several, one which may become a buy! You never know what you are going to get when you write that check, but you guys have delivered 110%. Let me know when you start your seminars, I definitely would like to be in attendance. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Rodney Miller 19

Dustin, I was curious when I got the e-mail from Kris's orginization about switching to his web site service. Being too busy buying and selling houses using your site, I had no time to even read the entire e-mail. And that brings me to exactly why I don't ever even contemplate switching to another provider: 1) You are giving me everything and more than I need to develop a successful business, and 2) If it ain't broke, why fix it? I'm way too busy to explore or experiment with removing a vital part of my systems that is working wonderfully and replace it with a completely unknown variable. Thanks for taking care of this part of my business so well! You always go the extra mile with service.
Tom W. 18

Your virtual office and free leads have been invaluable to my business!
Tom Tretter 17

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I have been with my websites. I know I do not use them to the fullest, and sometimes I am overwhelmed by ALL the things these sites can do. Thank you for being the techie that allows me to be on the web and look like I know what I am doing. I also want to thank you for the leads you send our way. We have picked up a few properties that way and passed others on to other investors when they didn't fit our criteria. Keep doing what you are doing, it's wonderful.
Kathy Hasik 16

Dear Dustin, I'll keep it short and sweet. You guys do a great job. I never worry about my websites - they just work. I've got plenty enough other stuff to worry about. I appreciate the leads too. I use the autopilot method to sell my homes. It works with my Super Smart websites. Thanks for being a part of my success.
Brad Boyce 15

Dustin you and Chrissy and the rest of your staff have been great to me, your products have been a very helpful tool for me. I will always use your websites because I know you are always trying to improve them to help make things better for all investors and i know you and the people behind it are great. So keep up the good work and thanks for everything. Your sites and staff are the best!
Brendan Peeper 14

I'm really satisfied with your Super Smart websites. I really like the fact that you are constantly making an effort and improving the websites capabilities. I'm especially exited about a house we're closing on tomorrow 7/13/06 that was a lead that came to me for free from your website. This is a lake house valued between $205-240 that is just 15 minutes from my mom's house about an hour from where we live. With a short sale acceptance of $138,500 we're buying and keeping the house for a weekend home and for a place for family to come visit. Thanks again and continue the perfect work and updates.
Phillip Warrick 13

Dustin and Christine: I checked out several other sites before settling on yours. I feel that you have the most progressive, feature filled site of any I looked at. The fact that you continue to upgrade the site regularly is very important. Most of all, you have been at it longer than most of your competitors combined and understand the problems we face as investors. Good luck, I think you have a fine product.
Wally Kempe 12

I have been using your websites for about 2 years and will never use other ones. I have received many leads from you, through your search engines. Other so called "gurus" try, but don't even come close to what you have. Your backend is what's the greatest and you are constantly tweaking them to make them better, which I like. Dustin, thanks for all you do.
Mark Landry 11

I've been a customer of your for a long time and I won't go with any other company. I love your services and all the benefits that i get from you.
Peter Leyva 10

I love my websites!
Dave Jesse 9

Hi Dustin, We have been very pleased with the service and software that you have. To Yours and Our Success!
Anita Barron 8

Dustin, we have purchased 2 deals from the free leads that you send us! Thanks for all the leads!
Chris Green 7

Dustin, In the different seminars I see the knockoffs from Jeff A., Kris K, and others. They have an attractive price, but when I look further, they don't compare. With an IT and business background myself, I understand the value and rarity of combining both skills for a great product. I appreciate the great features you add each month. Thanks!
Dan Fowler 6

Look folks, there is no alternative to the Super Smart Web Profits websites and related resources. Trust me, I'm always looking around for the marketing, buying, and selling resources that gives me the biggest bang for my investment. I look for resources that are going to reduce the time it takes to process a lead and get to the offer. The website and resources are virtually seamless and allow you to keep track of the deal through "every phase of the game." Dustin has built this system right, and he continually gives you updates that you ask for. Good luck finding a web-oriented service like this that has been around for as long. Call me and I'll tell you my ROI on the websites... it's significant!
Jim Fuller 5

We have been with you for 3 years and you continually get better and better... No need to look further... You are on the cutting edge... You are the best!
Johnna and Bob 4

I have been looking at working with other websites for 2 years, since got back into the Real Estate business. These websites by far are more superior to Louis B.'s and Jeff A.'s websites by far. I go to a lot of continuing education boot camps. I will tell everyone about your websites. They are phenomenal! An RE investor should not go without these sites.
Michael Myers 3

Dustin, I look forward to working with you. I like Dustin, Mark, Mary & Jens. I hope to a mutually beneficial relationship. I truly believe you have an outstanding product and I will not hesitate to recommend your product and Super Flyerz to all the investor folks in the Boston area. Good Luck & God Bless.
Manny Pinto 2

Dustin, There is absolutely no way I'd ever switch to an inferior website! I've previewed many other sites and none can do everything yours can! Please keep up the good work!
Bill Keyes 1

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