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Dustin, I am loving my websites. I am getting buyers and sellers signing up almost daily. I am really pleased with how easy it is to add properties and photos. The sites really brought my professionalism to a new level. I love the data base of buyers and the ability to move someone from retail to wholesale was utilized today and was a snap. On top of all that your responsiveness to my questions has been outstanding. Many thanks!
Dave Evans
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Dustin Griffin Dustin Griffin, CRI, CTS, CDS, BS, BA

Dustin Griffin has been "Self-Unemployed" since 1996 when he founded NetAphex, Inc., a website development company which specialized in designing dynamic, database driven websites which were extremely powerful yet easy to use and navigate. After developing hundreds of websites for realtors and investors over the years, Dustin began to take a serious interest in real estate and decided to purchase a few investment properties himself.

In the beginning, Dustin faced many of the common problems that many new real estate investors face…a lack of credibility, no marketing exposure, few leads, no prescreening system, no follow-up system, no way to quickly make offers, lack of organization, no office or support staff, no way to sell houses fast, no credit, no cash flow, too much paperwork, little free time, etc.

After making several very costly mistakes early on, rather than giving up, Dustin decided to spend his money getting educated the right way rather than continuing to attend the school of hard knocks.

After taking several home study courses and attending several boot camps with some of the nation's top real estate investing gurus, Dustin's real estate investing career really began to take off as he implemented the new success strategies he'd learned.

However, even with his new found success, Dustin quickly realized that success too brings its own set of unique problems. In fact, some of his early problems still remained and even seemed to multiply as Dustin bought and sold more homes. Even though he had many more leads coming in and he now knew what to do with them, doing so was another matter due to his limited capacity as a one-man-show. He still didn't have the credibility he desired, a good follow-up system, more marketing exposure, more help, more free time, etc. In fact, the more leads he generated, the busier he got working in his business rather than on his business. He wasted countless hours driving around looking at properties he'd never buy, talking to unmotivated buyers and sellers, and filling out endless amounts of paperwork and other legal documents. He decided there had to be a better way… he needed to work smarter, not harder if he was going to make it in this business.

Dustin realized he needed to automate many of the processes he'd learned if he were ever going to take back control of his business, rather than continuing to let his business control him. It was only natural for Dustin to return to his web design roots and create an online business management/lead management system to automate many of the mundane tasks and paperwork associated with real estate investing. The online tools he developed were so easy to use that he could now get others involved in his business by letting them use the tools he created. Doing so allowed him to overcome many of the problems he was facing once and for all...

More Credibility - Dustin now had a website for buying houses and a website for selling houses that gave him the instant credibility he needed to overcome many of the common buyer/seller objections. Buyers and Sellers could now "check him out" and get all their questions answered 24/7 by visiting his websites.

More Marketing Exposure - With his professional websites in place, Dustin started proudly displaying the web addresses for his buy and sell websites on all his marketing materials. This allowed him to take a small black and white classified ad, a yellow page ad, a bandit sign, a vehicle sign or a flyer and drive prospects to a full-blown, full-color, multi-page website describing his business, what he does, how he can help the buyer/seller, etc. Doing do enabled Dustin to greatly expand his current marketing capabilities using the same medium and the same amount of money he was already spending.

Pre-Screening/Pre-Negotiation System - Dustin implemented a buyer and seller questionnaire on each of his websites designed to prescreen and pre-negotiate all his prospects before he ever picks up a phone and talks to a potential customer. Having such a pre-screening/pre-negotiation mechanism in place prevented him from wasting countless hours talking to unmotivated buyers and sellers and gave him all the information he needed to formulate an offer in advance of ever making an outbound phone call. In fact, many of his deals were pre-negotiated before he ever talked to the buyers and sellers due to the nature of the questions on the online questionnaires.

More Organization - Instead of keeping track of dozens or hundreds of incoming buyer and seller leads on bits of paper, the back of cocktail napkins, in boxes or filing cabinets, Dustin quit directing calls to his cell phone and started directing them to his website or to a live operator instead. That way, customers could enter their own information into his website or have his live operators do it for him. This enabled Dustin to go paperless by having the website email him all his leads as well as store them in an online database for easy access 24/7 from any computer with internet access and a browser. It also helped him avoid wasting his time talking to unmotivated buyers and sellers since he never had to answer the phone again.

Follow-up System - Now that all Dustin's leads were stored in an online database, he could easily login and sift and sort through hundreds and thousands of leads he had accumulated over time by follow-up date, insert date, potential profit, alphabetically by buyer/seller's name, urgency, lead type, etc. This allowed him to cherry pick the really hot leads that had the potential to make him a lot of money and ignore the time wasters until they had ample time to "cook" and get motivated over time. No leads were lost or wasted since they were all stored in an easily accessible database rather than in a box or filing cabinet in a single, physical location. As long as Dustin had access to a computer, any computer with internet access, he could quickly and easily access and follow-up on his leads month after month. His online follow-up system even tracked all his communications and offers with his buyers and sellers.

Make Offers Fast - With a fully completed online seller questionnaire in hand, Dustin could quickly review the lead, run a few quick comps, put together several offers and present them to a seller via email or over the phone within of minutes after receiving the leads and without ever seeing the property. This allowed Dustin to present his offers very quickly and prevented him from wasting countless hours driving all over town looking and properties he would never buy. If the seller rejected Dustin's offers, he saved himself from making a wasted trip. If the seller accepted his tentative offer, he would drive out meet the seller, renegotiate if necessary and buy the property on the spot. Most sellers really appreciated that he was able to follow-up, make them an offer and purchase their house so quickly. Dustin liked it because it saved him lots of time and gas and helped him make a lot more money by focusing on what was really important… making offers, doing deals and raising private money.

Selling Houses Fast - By storing all his tenant/buyer leads in his online website database, Dustin was able to quickly sift and sort the list and match prospects to a newly acquired properties in seconds. He could then quickly email all these prospects and sell or fill his homes very fast. This prevented him from showing houses week after week to tire-kickers who wouldn't show up half the time.

No Office Necessary - Now that all Dustin's leads were stored in an online database, he could easily login to his private website and access his leads 24/7 from any computer, from anywhere, whether he was in the office, at home, at Starbucks or on the beach with his notebook PC…. no office necessary. And with his new, easy-to-use, online systems in place, Dustin could now begin to delegate many of the mundane tasks he was stuck doing to others. In fact, Dustin is now buying properties in multiple states using his online tools and people on the ground in each state.

More Cash & More Freedom - By implementing these systems, Dustin was able to create an automated buying and selling machine that churns out motivated, pre-screened, pre-negotiated prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… automatically… allowing him to buy and sell his homes quickly and more efficiently while maximizing his profits and cash flow with little to no effort on his part. Dustin had a notebook pc and could now travel, enjoy life and take his business anywhere he wanted whenever he wanted. This was the very definition of financial freedom he was looking for.

Today, Dustin's Super Smart Websites are available for any serious real estate investor looking to super charge his or her business and take things to the next level. Ongoing customer feedback and development ensure the websites continue to grow and expand each month as Dustin's investing business grows and as do the businesses of hundreds of his customers across the country.

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